Our Vision

Team Archie is raising funds to build a foundation which will award scholarships targeted at those who have not had the opportunities afforded to Archie through his education. These young people will be mentored and assisted through a programme of further education, for example through coaching qualifications and travel.

We are primarily supporting scholarships in Archie’s name which are being set up initially in association with charities which have the practical processes in place to help identify worthy recipients and set up the opportunities that the Trustees feel would benefit them.

We would like to build multiple opportunities in sport, music, drama, art and design, education, politics and business. Both the financial assistance and the mentoring might swing the pendulum of opportunity in favour of boys and girls who deserve a helping hand in part because they want to be the best that they can be and in part because there is nowhere for them to get the support that they need to make it happen.

There are three tiers to our Team Archie strategy.

The first is to provide further education and qualification through apprenticeship, work experience, coaching qualifications or further study.

Secondly we will enable the Team Archie candidates to practice what they have learnt possibly by coaching or teaching. This opportunity may be abroad which will broaden their life experiences and hopefully inspire them still further.

Thirdly we will mentor them to guide and nurture the talent that we and their supporters identified in these young men and women. We aim to build a wonderfully enigmatic Team who will inspire and motivate others in the future.


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