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Will and Tristan in training for the London Marathon

"Training is going well, especially now that the weather has improved a little and the evenings are getting longer. I'm now up to 18 miles in a time of 2hrs 26mins and looking to step up to 20 miles this weekend before pushing on with one or two more long runs and then reducing the load before April the 23rd. Tristan has also spent many hours exploring his new University city of Manchester and navigating various traffic systems, and we are due to catch up on the 2nd of April and the 15th of April in order to test ourselves further. Given where I'm currently living (near Kensal Rise) many of the miles have been spent plodding up and down the Harrow Road to and from Hyde Park, and this often brings back fond memories of the Long Ducker 20 miler at School and running with the Lloyd boys. It is a real source of inspiration and motivation to think of the many memorable moments sport has provided us with, and how we have the opportunity to provide such moments to other young people in Arch's memory"