Gus Knott Muhammad Ali of Edinburgh

We are so proud to announce that Gus Knott, of Edinburgh University was victorious in his bout and having taken up boxing this year managed to fight his way to a resounding victory. We are so pleased that Gus wanted to support teamArchie and that all his training paid off. This was a five month marathon to get fit and learn a new skill and Gus did Archie proud. “I won!! A truly great feeling and I’m so happy! But more importantly it was a complete pleasure going into the ring with your boy by my side. I can’t tell you how much of a help that was. I’m sure you all know but when times get hard it’s so reassuring to know he’s right there walking beside you.”

Thank you to his amazing support group and to Hugo Lloyd for cobbling together a banner – of sorts! Three cheers for Gus!!

Gus Knott