John Olsen sails off across The Atlantic...and back again!

On 20th August, 12 racing yachts will leave Liverpool, to race 40,000 miles around the world. John Olsen will be on board for teamArchie!!

"I, of course, am no fool. I’m merely doing 10,000 of those miles, over two legs, from here to Uruguay and then on to Cape Town. If all goes according to plan, about seven to eight weeks at sea.

I have the honour of being aboard GREAT Britain, and a finer bunch of ambassadors for this great country of ours it would be hard to find. Skippered by Andy Burns, a professional sailor and general all round top bloke from Skegness, our crew is made up of around 20 amateurs who, like me, have curiously decided that a few weeks or months in serious discomfort, living at 45 degrees as we race across the world’s oceans, is a good idea. Some have never set foot in a sailing boat before the four-week training programme; others have done a bit (or a lot) but have had to un-learn a great deal. It’s a mixture of hard graft, sleep deprivation, gales, flat calm, heat, cold, with pretty basic hygiene and cooking facilities. And the odd spot of decent sailing in between, one rather hopes."

Ages on the boat vary enormously and we include media folk, students, an ex-Olympian, teachers, doctors, a farmer, builder, an oral surgeon (I think that’s a dentist, to you and me), a police investigator, a politician, and of course a semi-retired PR guru. And we’re truly international: Brits, Germans, Americans, Belgians, Australians, Canadians, Indians, South Africans…... All in all, it’s going to be one heck of a trip. And the sort of challenge that I’m sure Archie would have taken on and smashed.

John with Graham Bell and the clipper skipper at No.10