What We Do

We are primarily supporting scholarships and awards in Archie’s name which have been set up initially in association with Youth Sport Trust International. They have the practical processes in place to replicate the amazing opportunity that Archie had been awarded to travel to China to coach football as part of a scholarship that he had won. He had completed his FA Level 1 coaching badge and was keen to learn Mandarin with a view to being better qualified in his future search for employment. He also loved working with young people and he absolutely adored football.

We are also working with other charitable organizations to provide opportunities in areas other than sport and we will soon be able to offer awards in music and dance.

In the future we would like to build multiple opportunities in these areas but also in art and design, education, politics and business and we would welcome approaches from those who would like to get involved either as a mentor or by giving something that might swing the pendulum of opportunity in favour of boys and girls who deserve a helping hand, in part because they really want to be the best that they can be, but also because they have proven that they have the desire but cannot get the support that they need to make it happen.