Any enquiries can be directed to the office at info@teamarchie.org


We aim to support charities which aim to inspire and motivate young people who have proven that they want to make the most of their talents. These candidates need the support and mentoring that we can put in place.

Please contact the office at info@teamarchie.org

All scholarships and grants will have a deadline date published by the charity partner if there is one. Alternatively please contact the office at info@teamarchie.org

Please choose a fundraiser to support and go to their fundraising site through the website or alternatively contact us at info@teamarchie.org if you wish to become a match funder. We are always delighted to hear from those who want to help. 

All email correspondence should be sent to info@teamarchie.org. If you wish to make enquiries we can be contacted on 07788 920209 or written submissions can be sent to Sharcott Manor, Sharcott, Wiltshire, SN9 5PA

Please be patient. We will notify you of our receipt of your application. Processing can take some time depending on how many of our partners are involved in the awards process. No awards are made without direct contact between our trustees and the candidates.

We will notify you within two weeks of any application submission.

Once your application has been turned down it is highly unlikely that future opportunities will arise. We are sorry not to be able to support everyone but we need to be careful with the funds hard earned and generously gifted.

So far:

Youth Sport Trust Int'l



Cambodian Children's Fund

Anyone can apply. We also award individuals but it is less likely to be a successful application if there is not the support of a registered charity in place.