We are very excited to have created a partnership with ACE. The aim of the partnership is to push forward both of charity’s missions of impacting youth throughout the world. ACE have selected ten standout kids from ACE for teamArchie to work with and sponsor, helping them develop, grow and expand their horizons to achieve their goals. 


Every one of the children teamArchie are sponsoring are living below the global poverty line. Many of their fathers, brothers, and family members are involved in the local gangs, contributing to a lack of direction and sense of right and wrong. In Rio’s favelas the majority of parents are not active members of their child's life, meaning most of these children are forced to grow up by themselves, deciding who they want to be and how there are going to get their without support from family members. ACE and teamArchie can provide this support and help them reach their goals. 


ACE’s intention is to create teamArchie Rio; ACE will provide teamArchie with the tools to closely follow their sponsored students, watch team development, and see the tangible results. teamArchie will follow their students every step of the way working closely together, ACE and teamArchie can continue to impact the lives of impoverished kids in Brazil and around the world, not only inspiring them to new heights, but providing the tools for them to get there. 


ACE was set up by George Crawley who upon arriving in Rio  had a mission and a belief initially that the simple game of tennis had the chance to save the world and give the favela youth a better life. What he quickly realised was that the problems in Rio were much more profound than he had expected. He has now registered ACE as a UK charity and developed the project into what it is today, rooted in specific community needs in Rio and empowering children through community-driven social entrepreneurship using tennis, photography and media, english and art as its core activities. 


See 2018 Annual Report