TeamArchie is working on two projects with Greenhouse sports who have a close affinity with teamArchie’s charitable objectives by using sports coaching and mentoring to empower young people who are facing disadvantage and help them unlock their full potential. 

The Story So Far…

Youth Leaders Forum

Youth Leaders Forum and development of the first Youth Council, self selected to help develop leadership mentoring and nominated by their coaches for exceptional levels of dedication to their sport. As part of the programme workshops were provided by the Marketing, Fundraising, Impact, and Programmes departments from Greenhouse Sports, and included tasks such as a Dragon’s Den-style presentation, video creation and editing, and building structures. Director of Programmes Jason Bacon says: “It’s brilliant. The youth are going to tell us about our programmes and help us develop them for the future, at the same time as developing life skills themselves outside of a sporting context”. 

Our Ambassador George Bullard has also worked with the Youth Council to inspire and motivate the members - learn more about George’s work here.  

Primary Committed

Primary Committed Table Tennis Programme financially enabled by teamArchie – this has provided an  opportunity for youngsters from the deprived estates around Marylebone to benefit from a structured table tennis coaching programme run by the Greenhouse Coaches, Jason and Danny.  

Archie loved his table tennis and it is wonderful to be able to deliver a table tennis programme for 2019 within the Greenhouse Centre in Marylebone  

With Greenhouse’s 15 years of experience delivering sport for development programmes, their experience  in using sport to engage, motivate and inspire young people the Greenhouse Sports coaches are not only technically skilled and highly qualified – the coaches act as role models and mentors. This programme is also designed to develop the Social, Thinking, Emotional and Physical (STEP) skills of participants. 

The core components of all Greenhouse Sports programmes are therefore:  

  • high quality, intensive sport coaching 

  • mentoring 

  • competitive opportunities 

  • learning and development opportunities  


Through this approach, Greenhouse Sports programmes provide participants with the best possible opportunities to develop their capabilities through sport.