Paul Completes a Mammoth Challenge

Paul Bowker, Archie’s godfather has undertaken three incredible challenges for teamArchie.


Challenge 1

Paul took part in the For Rangers Ultra which is a wild footrace in the home of long distance running. A 230km race split into 5 stages crossing five wildlife conservancies each of which has it’s own characteristic terrain from verdant grasslands to forest; the playground of East Africa’s iconic wildlife.

Runners should expect company. Under the watchful eye of the Rangers we are there to support, you will encounter the diverse wildlife of these incredible conservation areas. The trails through the grasslands will be baking and the terrain through the rocky hills and riverbeds will be rough underfoot. Undulating between 1500m and 2000m above sea level the habitat and conditions vary hour by hour.

As a self-sufficient race, you are responsible for carrying your entire kit, including food, safety equipment and a minimum of 2.5 litres of water which can be refilled at checkpoints along the stages.


Challenge 2

teamArchie had 8 fundraisers in the Berlin Marathon including Paul and James Lloyd, Archie’s father.

Paul 2018 .jpg

Challenge 3

The final of three challenges was The Everest Trail Race. Set against one of the most iconic and awe-inspiring backdrops on the planet, the Everest Trail Race ranks as one of the world’s toughest high-altitude multi-day ultras. The ETR is a partially supported multi-stage Ultra run in six days over a course of circa 100 miles (160km), but with a difference in altitude of more than 28,000m. Runners carry their clothing and sleeping bag over the course, whilst the organisations supports them with food, accommodation and logistical support throughout the race.