Updates from Zhuhai

Back in late August we introduced you to Callum, the recipient of a teamArchie bursary to take part in a leg of the 2019/20 Clipper Round the World Yacht Race.


Callum set off from London on board Zhuhai on 1st September, bound for Uruguay, with 7,250 miles of hard sailing ahead. After a brutal first race to Portugal (big winds and lumpy seas down the Channel and through the Bay of Biscay), where they came in 4th, they’re now on the long second drag across the Atlantic, having just passed the Cape Verde Islands and about to hit the dreaded doldrums (no wind, slow progress, sweltering heat… enough to do your head in). And he’s obviously doing Archie proud. As well as having established himself as one of the skipper’s “go-to” helmsmen, he was described in a recent blog as one of the “deck bunnies - bouncing around the deck, doing the high-risk adrenaline-flowing jobs”. He tells us he’s loving every moment, and this week he posted this own entry in the crew diary here.


We promised in our last post we’d say more about Callum and why he deserves all this, so here goes….

Having left school at 16 with no qualifications he spiralled into a young life of drug taking, drinking, and living on the streets in Hull. Homeless, he reached rock bottom when an overdose saw him end up in hospital. The day he left hospital and was moved into a hostel, he was picked up by CatZero (, a fantastic Hull-based charity which delivers lasting change to young people, using a yacht as a floating classroom. Callum was persuaded to join one of their sailing trips despite being terrified of water and thinking it would be a waste of time. The experience was a life-changer - he conquered his fears, got the sailing bug. He’s now determined to build a life around sailing, so taking part in the Clipper Race is giving him incredible experience – of sailing, physical and mental endurance, and teamwork – to help make that happen.


All of which means that we’re just thrilled to be supporting Callum and can’t wait to work with him as a teamArchie mentor when he’s back.

In the meantime, he’s got over 3,500 miles to go…. You can follow his and Zhuhai’s fortunes here.

teamArchie's First Clipper Round The World Race Bursary

Our inaugural Clipper Round The World Race Bursary was the brain child of James Lloyd and John Olsen, teamArchie supporter and Clipper alumni. We received an overwhelming number of applications after announcing the bursary. The Trustees were able to narrow it down to a shortlist of those to attend an interview day in London.

The Clipper Race is the sort of challenge Archie would have loved - requiring determination, stamina, teamwork and the ability to keep smiling and working as a team even when everything’s against you.

-James Lloyd, Trustee and Archie’s Father

During the interview day we met some fantastic candidates. An absolute standout candidate was Callum Leach. Callum left school at 16 with no qualifications and spiralled into a young life of drug-taking and drinking. Homeless, he found himself in a hostel in his home city of Hull - reaching rock bottom when an overdose saw him end up in hospital. Five years later, the 21-year-old in front of us is transformed. He is a proud and confident young sailor after being introduced to the charity CatZero and we had no doubt that Callum was the right choice for this bursary.

Through his involvement with CatZero’s sailing-based programmes, Callum has shown determintation to turn his life around. We know that Callum’s attitude and personality will add a lot to his crew on board Zhuhai.

- James Lloyd, Trustee and Archie’s Father

Sailing from London’s St Katharine Docks to Punta del Este, Uruguay over 35 days, Callum will be living his dream as a crew member on board Zhuhai, one of the 11 matched racing yachts making up the race- undertaken around the world in eight-legs for non professional crew. The Clipper Race is one of the biggest challenges of the natural world and an endurance test like no other.

Callum departs for his leg of the race on Sunday 1st September and we wish him the best of luck. We are all rooting for you and can’t wait to hear news of your adventure.