Callum's Safe Arrival


So, the teamArchie Clipper Race bursary has delivered - Callum has done it! Six weeks and 7,250 miles after leaving London, Callum and Zhuhai crossed the finish line off the coast of Uruguay on Sunday. A pretty brutal run in by the sound of it, with lightning, heavy rain and massive squalls in the final days – a boat close to Zhuhai reported a gust of 86mph (that’s Force 11 for those of you who know your Beaufort scales…). He was greeted off the boat by Sir Robin Knox-Johnston, legendary round-the-world yachtsman and Clipper Race founder.
We haven’t caught up with Callum properly yet (deserved cold beer and much-needed sail repairs are priorities right now) but he sent us this brief message on Sunday evening: “James! What an experience! I would like to thank you and Claire and everybody involved for this experience. This has changed my life completely! I am deeply appreciative! Can’t wait to catch up!”
So, huge thanks to all our supporters for enabling teamArchie to make these sorts of things happen – we’re so grateful!