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Primary Committed Progress

Greenhouse Sports believe that every child deserves a fair chance to succeed. With your support we are improving the life chances of young people in disadvantaged areas of London by helping them develop essential skills, increase their engagement with education and give them positive activities to take part in outside of school.

Since opening their doors in April of 2018, the Greenhouse Centre has become a vibrant community space in the heart of Church Street ward. The Primary Committed Programme Head Coach Daniel Basterfield, along with Head of Coaching, Jason Sugrue, have designed and for the last six months, have been delivering the programme of activities targeting our most committed young participants. This increased access to high quality coaching and mentoring has proven to be successful both on and off the table tennis table! ON the table In the last six months, we’ve had…

• 2 girls qualify for the national championships. They both finished inside the top 20 in England.

• 1 boy qualify to play for the London Region (the best 4 players in central London).

• 14 young people compete for Greenhouse in a national league, representing the club very well! And over the next six months, we like to see…

• at least 6 young people to be competing in 1 & 2* national competitions across the country.

• at least 6 young people achieve enough ranking points to qualify for this year’s national tournament.

• at least 4-6 young people join the performance programme. OFF the table In the last six months, we’ve had parents and teachers comment on…

• Improved concentration in the classroom as well as better behaviour in school.

• Increased confidence. The young people are even helping with our TT10 league - playing and speaking with adults.

“Malek’s certificate of achievement for working really hard in class, being well behaved and always completing work to a high standard. Before he came to Greenhouse he was the opposite of what his certificate says. I’m so proud of him being the highest achiever in the class”

- Malek’s mum

Thank you We are incredibly proud of the Primary Committed Programme, and with Team Archie’s support, we can ensure that our primary aged participants are provided with the opportunity and experiences they deserve. On behalf of Greenhouse Sports and our young people, we thank you for your continued support.