WHy we do it

teamArchie is a charitable foundation set up in memory of Archie Lloyd, a young man who tragically died in 2015, aged 18, whilst travelling with friends.

Archie was in the middle of the pack, having both older brothers and younger sisters. He was determined to make himself heard. He engineered traits which made it difficult to ignore him and he became a really good communicator, always looking at the world in a positive way. His was a life he loved. He was a star in our firmament and all who ever met him will certainly never forget him.


Archie adored sport and football in particular. He was just beginning to drive and had declared himself outstanding at that as well as the table tennis that he loved so much but he was largely to be found in the gym just determined to be the best he could be. Whilst on the treadmill and throwing weights around he listened to motivational speeches and singers urging him onwards and upwards. 

Archie dabbled with music and theatre and he was passionate about history and politics, always inspired by incredible teachers. However, as a team player, Archie was never happier than when he was surrounded by all his friends and either watching his beloved Arsenal or kicking a ball around. The hours he would spend perfecting those free kicks amounted to not just days but weeks of practice and he was eventually justly rewarded for those efforts. He was so proud of all his achievements and delighted in sharing his successes with anyone who was happy to listen.

We will inspire and motivate young people in Archie’s name because he inspired us and if young people deserve a helping hand then we will try to do for them what we would have had done for Arch. This is his legacy and we aim to ensure that we take his beneficiaries on a journey that will change their lives.

Don’t walk behind me; I may not lead. Don’t walk in front of me; I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend.
— Albert Camus