Callum's Safe Arrival


So, the teamArchie Clipper Race bursary has delivered - Callum has done it! Six weeks and 7,250 miles after leaving London, Callum and Zhuhai crossed the finish line off the coast of Uruguay on Sunday. A pretty brutal run in by the sound of it, with lightning, heavy rain and massive squalls in the final days – a boat close to Zhuhai reported a gust of 86mph (that’s Force 11 for those of you who know your Beaufort scales…). He was greeted off the boat by Sir Robin Knox-Johnston, legendary round-the-world yachtsman and Clipper Race founder.
We haven’t caught up with Callum properly yet (deserved cold beer and much-needed sail repairs are priorities right now) but he sent us this brief message on Sunday evening: “James! What an experience! I would like to thank you and Claire and everybody involved for this experience. This has changed my life completely! I am deeply appreciative! Can’t wait to catch up!”
So, huge thanks to all our supporters for enabling teamArchie to make these sorts of things happen – we’re so grateful!

Primary Committed Progress

Greenhouse Sports believe that every child deserves a fair chance to succeed. With your support we are improving the life chances of young people in disadvantaged areas of London by helping them develop essential skills, increase their engagement with education and give them positive activities to take part in outside of school.

Since opening their doors in April of 2018, the Greenhouse Centre has become a vibrant community space in the heart of Church Street ward. The Primary Committed Programme Head Coach Daniel Basterfield, along with Head of Coaching, Jason Sugrue, have designed and for the last six months, have been delivering the programme of activities targeting our most committed young participants. This increased access to high quality coaching and mentoring has proven to be successful both on and off the table tennis table! ON the table In the last six months, we’ve had…

• 2 girls qualify for the national championships. They both finished inside the top 20 in England.

• 1 boy qualify to play for the London Region (the best 4 players in central London).

• 14 young people compete for Greenhouse in a national league, representing the club very well! And over the next six months, we like to see…

• at least 6 young people to be competing in 1 & 2* national competitions across the country.

• at least 6 young people achieve enough ranking points to qualify for this year’s national tournament.

• at least 4-6 young people join the performance programme. OFF the table In the last six months, we’ve had parents and teachers comment on…

• Improved concentration in the classroom as well as better behaviour in school.

• Increased confidence. The young people are even helping with our TT10 league - playing and speaking with adults.

“Malek’s certificate of achievement for working really hard in class, being well behaved and always completing work to a high standard. Before he came to Greenhouse he was the opposite of what his certificate says. I’m so proud of him being the highest achiever in the class”

- Malek’s mum

Thank you We are incredibly proud of the Primary Committed Programme, and with Team Archie’s support, we can ensure that our primary aged participants are provided with the opportunity and experiences they deserve. On behalf of Greenhouse Sports and our young people, we thank you for your continued support.

Updates from Zhuhai

Back in late August we introduced you to Callum, the recipient of a teamArchie bursary to take part in a leg of the 2019/20 Clipper Round the World Yacht Race.


Callum set off from London on board Zhuhai on 1st September, bound for Uruguay, with 7,250 miles of hard sailing ahead. After a brutal first race to Portugal (big winds and lumpy seas down the Channel and through the Bay of Biscay), where they came in 4th, they’re now on the long second drag across the Atlantic, having just passed the Cape Verde Islands and about to hit the dreaded doldrums (no wind, slow progress, sweltering heat… enough to do your head in). And he’s obviously doing Archie proud. As well as having established himself as one of the skipper’s “go-to” helmsmen, he was described in a recent blog as one of the “deck bunnies - bouncing around the deck, doing the high-risk adrenaline-flowing jobs”. He tells us he’s loving every moment, and this week he posted this own entry in the crew diary here.


We promised in our last post we’d say more about Callum and why he deserves all this, so here goes….

Having left school at 16 with no qualifications he spiralled into a young life of drug taking, drinking, and living on the streets in Hull. Homeless, he reached rock bottom when an overdose saw him end up in hospital. The day he left hospital and was moved into a hostel, he was picked up by CatZero (, a fantastic Hull-based charity which delivers lasting change to young people, using a yacht as a floating classroom. Callum was persuaded to join one of their sailing trips despite being terrified of water and thinking it would be a waste of time. The experience was a life-changer - he conquered his fears, got the sailing bug. He’s now determined to build a life around sailing, so taking part in the Clipper Race is giving him incredible experience – of sailing, physical and mental endurance, and teamwork – to help make that happen.


All of which means that we’re just thrilled to be supporting Callum and can’t wait to work with him as a teamArchie mentor when he’s back.

In the meantime, he’s got over 3,500 miles to go…. You can follow his and Zhuhai’s fortunes here.

teamArchie's First Clipper Round The World Race Bursary

Our inaugural Clipper Round The World Race Bursary was the brain child of James Lloyd and John Olsen, teamArchie supporter and Clipper alumni. We received an overwhelming number of applications after announcing the bursary. The Trustees were able to narrow it down to a shortlist of those to attend an interview day in London.

The Clipper Race is the sort of challenge Archie would have loved - requiring determination, stamina, teamwork and the ability to keep smiling and working as a team even when everything’s against you.

-James Lloyd, Trustee and Archie’s Father

During the interview day we met some fantastic candidates. An absolute standout candidate was Callum Leach. Callum left school at 16 with no qualifications and spiralled into a young life of drug-taking and drinking. Homeless, he found himself in a hostel in his home city of Hull - reaching rock bottom when an overdose saw him end up in hospital. Five years later, the 21-year-old in front of us is transformed. He is a proud and confident young sailor after being introduced to the charity CatZero and we had no doubt that Callum was the right choice for this bursary.

Through his involvement with CatZero’s sailing-based programmes, Callum has shown determintation to turn his life around. We know that Callum’s attitude and personality will add a lot to his crew on board Zhuhai.

- James Lloyd, Trustee and Archie’s Father

Sailing from London’s St Katharine Docks to Punta del Este, Uruguay over 35 days, Callum will be living his dream as a crew member on board Zhuhai, one of the 11 matched racing yachts making up the race- undertaken around the world in eight-legs for non professional crew. The Clipper Race is one of the biggest challenges of the natural world and an endurance test like no other.

Callum departs for his leg of the race on Sunday 1st September and we wish him the best of luck. We are all rooting for you and can’t wait to hear news of your adventure.

Paul Completes a Mammoth Challenge

Paul Bowker, Archie’s godfather has undertaken three incredible challenges for teamArchie.


Challenge 1

Paul took part in the For Rangers Ultra which is a wild footrace in the home of long distance running. A 230km race split into 5 stages crossing five wildlife conservancies each of which has it’s own characteristic terrain from verdant grasslands to forest; the playground of East Africa’s iconic wildlife.

Runners should expect company. Under the watchful eye of the Rangers we are there to support, you will encounter the diverse wildlife of these incredible conservation areas. The trails through the grasslands will be baking and the terrain through the rocky hills and riverbeds will be rough underfoot. Undulating between 1500m and 2000m above sea level the habitat and conditions vary hour by hour.

As a self-sufficient race, you are responsible for carrying your entire kit, including food, safety equipment and a minimum of 2.5 litres of water which can be refilled at checkpoints along the stages.


Challenge 2

teamArchie had 8 fundraisers in the Berlin Marathon including Paul and James Lloyd, Archie’s father.

Paul 2018 .jpg

Challenge 3

The final of three challenges was The Everest Trail Race. Set against one of the most iconic and awe-inspiring backdrops on the planet, the Everest Trail Race ranks as one of the world’s toughest high-altitude multi-day ultras. The ETR is a partially supported multi-stage Ultra run in six days over a course of circa 100 miles (160km), but with a difference in altitude of more than 28,000m. Runners carry their clothing and sleeping bag over the course, whilst the organisations supports them with food, accommodation and logistical support throughout the race.

teamArchie support The Primary Committed

We spent a fantastic afternoon recently at Greenhouse Sports’ HQ in Marylebone at a Primary Committed session.

This is a session where the most dedicated (not necessarily the most adept) table tennis players have the opportunity for high quality coaching, mentoring and practice. They are invited to join this session once they have shown their STEP skills at ASC and school sessions and it is a direct pathway to their Performance Team.


Looking back at John's Clipper Round The World Race

John Olsen took on the challenge of training and participating in the first two legs of the 2017-18 Clipper Round the World Race - this involved sailing from the UK to Uruguay and then on to Cape Town. John was a close friend of the family and wanted to raise sponsorship alongside his challenge and chose teamArchie as a beneficial charity. With the money raised and through a partnership with Clipper Round the World - the creation of world famous yachtsman Sir Robin Knox-Johnson - we have been able to develop a teamArchie Clipper Bursary for the 2019-20 Race to put one individual through the yacht training and the first leg of 30,000 miles from UK to Uruguay - our Bursary winner Callum Leach, from Hull, will set sail on 1st September 2019 for the race of his life!

Some words from John from before his challenge:

In less than two weeks' time, On 20 August (2017), I’m embarking on two legs of the Clipper Round the World Race, from Liverpool to Punta del Este, Uruguay and then on to Cape Town, flying the flag as part of Team GREAT Britain. So more than 10,000 miles, over two months, in a 70’ racing yacht, working and living cheek-by-jowl with 20 other people who I hardly know yet, with little more than a packet of wet-wipes to keep the odours at a tolerable level. And no beer. 

There’ll be times when we’ll be soaking wet, exhausted and cold in a big South Atlantic blow. But, please, don't weep for me. At other times we’ll be dripping with sweat, exhausted and baking hot in the windless doldrums when it will be an airless 40°+ below deck. There might, I guess, be some pleasant sailing in between. But even then it’s a race, so there’s no let-up. This gives you a bit of a flavour:

The training programme has taught me a few things: these boats are big, powerful and very hard work to keep going at full tilt over a few hours let alone a few weeks; and it’s more of hard-core race than I’d probably anticipated. Above all however, it’s the people stuff that presents the most interesting challenge.

Lucky, then, that I’m (a) a finely-tuned, highly competitive athlete and (b) a bloody good bloke.

Marcus and Henry Cycle from the UK to Barcelona

Marcus Faure - Cycle from UK to Barcelona Summer 2016

Marcus Faure and Henry Quinson - With our cycling experience so far limited to Boris biking around London, we thought we'd expand out horizons and venture down the road to Barcelona this summer (2016). We are planning on cycling 892miles/1436km through France and Spain, and we are cycling for The Archie Lloyd Charitable Foundation.

Archie Lloyd was a very keen sportsman, and was also a boy who grasped every opportunity available to him. He had won a Gap Year travel scholarship to learn Mandarin and coach football in Shanghai. Unfortunately Archie was unable to fulfil this ambition, but the Lloyd family in setting up a foundation in Archie's name hopes to fulfil his legacy in that respect. The Archie Lloyd Charitable Foundation targets other highly motivated youngsters from all backgrounds by supporting them to undertake life altering challenges and receive mentoring and support to enable them to fulfil their potential and make the most of their talents, just as Archie tirelessly tried to do.


Ollie Sangster Climbs The Matterhorn

Ollie Sangster was one of Archie’s oldest friends from school and was very determined to take on a challenge in memory of his great friend and to raise awareness of teamArchie. In Summer 2016, at the age of 18 after a short stint of mountain training he set out to climb the Matterhorn, one of the most difficult peaks in the Alps.

Some words from Ollie:

Archie was a great friend of mine, who tragically passed away on the 6th of August last year. Arch has a real zest for life and made the most of all opportunities available to him, he was an extremely talented sportsman and was determined to be, and often was, the best at everything he put his mind to. Arch and I became the best of friends from an early age at Cheam together and spent many happy times enjoying each other’s company, although we went our separate ways to Marlborough and Harrow respectively, both of our competitive natures came out regularly be it on the slopes, tee, peg or court with one and other! These memories are ones in which I will always look upon fondly and treasure.

More about the climb-

The Matterhorn is one of the most recognisable mountains in the Alps if not the world (It’s the mountain on a bar of Toblerone chocolate!), it’s on the border between Switzerland and Italy and stands at 4500m above sea level. The Matterhorn was first climbed in 1865, although four of the group who made the ascent fell to their death on the descent! I am going to attempt to climb the Hornli ridge of the Matterhorn on Tuesday the 23rd of August, weather dependant, and it should take approximately 8-10 hours. I am doing it with renowned Swiss guide Kurt Lauber and we will be staying at base camp the night before prior to starting the climb in the dark in the early hours of the 23rd. If all goes well I will hopefully be placing an Archie flag at the summit around 4/5 hours into the climb whilst taking in the beautiful views and most definitely catching my breath!

Ollie Sangster 1.jpg

The PT Challenges

The Palmer Tomkinsons took on some incredible challenges in the summer holidays of 2016 to raise money for teamArchie.

First up will be Wilf who over half term went up to the Lake District and over 2 days will undertook a 24 peak challenge, including some of England's highest mountains such as Scafell Pike, Helvellyn, Great End and Great Gable.


At the beginning of the summer holidays Sam cycled from Land's End to John O Groats. The chosen route was about 1000 miles long.

Last but not least, later in the summer holidays India undertook one of the toughest challenges in Wales, to stand on all the Welsh 3000ft peaks (there are 15 in all) in the space of 24 hours, without using any form of transport.


Three Peak Challenge

The Three Peaks Girls have overcome Storm Ali and raised over £10,000 for teamArchie!

Congratulations Becca, Abs, Jules, Clare and Caro on a fantastic achievement and a brilliant total.

View their fundraising page here: